Zoning Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer:
Paul Smith
419-589-5544 (Office)

The process of legislating and enforcing zoning and other regulations in Madison Township is handled by four main entities.  The Board of Trustees,  the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Zoning  Commission and the Zoning Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer.  All zoning related functions within the Township are conducted in a manner consistent with and in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code (at this link http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/519 ). Please check with the Zoning Inspector to help eliminate inadvertent costly mistakes.  The Zoning Inspector is here to help you and will do the very best to accommodate your project. For residential when constructing a new building, remodeling an existing structure, or adding an accessory building/garage/barn, you must obtain a zoning permit.  An exception is a barn used for agriculture purposes.  However, if the barn is on acreage under 5 acres then special rules will need to be addressed.  Additionally, if you plan on constructing a fence or adding a pool please check with the Zoning Inspector to ensure your project is in compliance with the Zoning Resolution.

Commercial customers need to check with the Zoning Inspector.   (NOTE, if you are building a new structure or making renovations to an existing structure a set of certified blue prints must be submitted to the Madison Township Fire Department for review. This is so the fire department can look over your plans and check for things such as fire lanes, fire suppression systems, and other conditions related to the fire code and a copy of the Fire Departments policy can be found at the following link: Fire Department\new business inspection.pdf.).  It is advised that you do so before acquiring the property or entering into a lease agreement.  You will want to ensure that the proposed use meets zoning requirements.  The Zoning Inspector wants to avoid a business wasting resources if it is later determined that the business use is not permitted.  Just because a business operated at a location before does not automatically mean a similar new business will be allowed.  The previous business may have been a nonconforming business that was grandfathered.

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