Zoning Board of Appeals

The Madison Township Board of Appeals meets at the Township Hall, 817 Expressview Drive if business warrants or at an advertised time in the local newspaper and the www.madisontwp.us  website at least ten days prior to an application to a hearing.   The purpose of this board is to hear Administrative Appeals other than appeals generated from the enforcement of the Zoning Resolution.

Board Members:                                  Term

Vacant                                                                             11/28/2014

Daniel Bishop  – Chairman                                            11/28/2015

James C. Beal                                                                11/28/2016

Tom Brandt                                                                     11/28/2017

Lucy England                                                                  11/28/2018

John Hamilton – Alternate                                              11/28/2014

Vacant– Alternate                                                          11/28/2014

Valarie Bishoff  secretary (non voting)

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 519.13 states that where a township has a zoning resolution they shall appoint a zoning board of appeals.  The process can be found at the following link:  http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/519.13 

The powers of the Board of Zoning Appeals is described in ORC 519.14 at the following link: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/519.14

The voting board members and alternates must have experience and, or certification in the building trades. The board members will serve three year terms after the staggered initial appointments.  The secretary (non-voting member) and alternates are appointed annually.  The code enforcement officer is a non-voting member.  The initial appointments were made by the Board of Trustees on 11/16/2009 regular meeting.  With the exception of the code enforcement officer all members are compensated at $30 per meeting.

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